Those courses are taking place during the entire year and it is the student’s decision how long he wants the course to last. The courses always start on Mondays.

For these courses we are keeping in mind the needs of our students and are adapting the methods of our courses tot he motives (social, academic, professional etc.) that made the students choose to study Spanish with us in the first place.

In the courses of long duration we are combining the knowledge of grammar (theory and use of the different grammatical structures, exercises of comprehension) with the use of up to date texts, debates, conversation, chats. Conversations about culture and Spanish civilization are also included.

The program is functionally organized around theobjectives which the students need to improve in the 4 language skills: the oral and written expression, comprehension and expression.

The level of the course is determined by the knowledge the student has of the Spanish language. In each level the structure of the course includes:

  • Functional and grammatical contents
  • Reading comprehension and oral comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Lexical/phonetical contents
  • Vocabulary
  • Practicing communication
  • Evaluation of homework

In EDE, we offer specific courses for beginners (A1 level). The courses start every Monday.

The grammar presents itself in a short format with practical explanations.

The students will focus on the use of the language in everyday real life situations and practice with exercises, games, discussions, etc.

The cultural topics are included in the language classes with material that is specifically developed for Spain.

The course will take place between 9-11am from Mondays through Fridays in the establishments of the EDE Escuela de Español. Length of each class: 60 minutes.

The Spanish school is making use of the communicative teaching method in classes with a reduced number of students with a maximum number oft en students per class.

The classes are only taking place in Spanish to ensure a great exposure to the language.

All the teachers have a degree in Spanish literature and culture. In addition to that they have received additional training in teaching Spanish as a second language and are dedicating individual attention to each student.

All students are taking a placement test on their first day of class to be asigned to their corresponding level of Spanish. The students who finish the program will receive a CERTIFICATE of STUDY which also states the number of class hours.


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