Socialcultural activities (in the afternoons and on weekends) which can be the following:

  • optional and informative
  • obligatory (accompanied by a teacher)
  • some of these activities have an additional cost that the student can consult with the School secretariat
  • the activities are planned so that all levels get the opportunity to participate (the teacher could translate some explanation when necessary)
  • Some activities may be subject to medical and/or physical constraints


Visit to different monuments and museums in the city of Burgos

Museum of Human Evolution (MHE)

During the visit the students will get to know everything about the history of human evolution starting in prehistory. This visit will take approximately two hours.

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Castle of Burgos

Following part of the ’’Camino de Santiago‘‘ that crosses the historic city center of Burgos, we will ascend to the observation deck of the castle. From there you have a beautiful panoramic view of the city with the impressive cathedral at our feet.

We will be given an explanation about the historic  importance of the castle and its outstanding role as a place of interest for tourists at the time.

Nowadays there is only a part of the castle conserved and on its inside there is a museum and you can visit the fountain and subterranean aisles.

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Cathedral of Burgos


The Cathedral of Burgos (declared World Cultural Heritage in 1984) is one the most beautiful monuments of gothic art.

The students will be taken on a guided tour along the numerous chapels and the museum of the cathedral and will be given explanations about the authors and the meaning oft he works they are going to see.

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Museum of Burgos

The museum of Burgos is one the more unknown sites for tourists which come to visit the city. It is located in two palaces of the 16th century where the students can contemplate works of art that start out in prehistory and reach the 20th century.

The explanation of the guide is short and very easy to understand for the students intending to evade long explanations that might end up being boring.

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Monastery of Santa María la Real de las Huelgas

This monastery that is located close to the city center was founded in 1189 by king Alfonso VII of Castilla. Nowadays it belongs to the congregation of monasteries of the Cistercian nuns of San Bernardo.

On its inside the students will find works of great value and antiquity (among them one of the most antique glass windows in Europe). Its history and importance will be explained during the visit.

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Center of Contemporary Art of Burgos (CAB)

This center that opened its doors in 2003 can be found in the historic area of the city and on its inside you can enjoy the different collections of contemporary art from Spanish artists as well as artists from other countries.

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Afternoon in 'Fuentes Blancas' and the Monastery  of 'Cartuja de Miraflores'

Located on the outside oft he city of Burgos you can find a great green area for freetime activities where the students can spend a fun afternoon in summer time. Also the monastery of the Cartuja de Miraflores is located over there which the students will  be visiting as well as its museum.

Sightseeing tours for the students so they will get to know and experience the city and the Spanish culture 

Tour around the historic center of Burgos

These will be realized in the beginning of the program in order to help the students to become familiar with the city and its principal reference points.

Tapa tasting, wine tasting and Burgos night

To get to know and enjoy the gastronomy, the customs and Spanish culture.

Diferentes espectáculos

Among them you can find:


  • Music and chessboard
  • Popular and typical street spectacles of Burgos during the festivities of San Pedro and San Pablo
  • International folkloric festival


And more...always depending on the programming of the city of Burgos in the determined dates for the program


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