You can share an apartment with other students at EDE. Usually, the apartments are shared by 3 or 4 people so that you can save on living expenses. If you decide to choose this kind of accommodation, you will have the chance of making your own meals and being independent. Sometimes, two students can share a room if they wish and have a more economical stay.

In your room you will have at least a bed, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe. The kitchen and the living-room are fully equipped, although some apartments have no televisions. Usually, the apartments do not have Internet access, but if you wish to hire this service the staff at the school will help you with anything you may need.

If you decide to choose this kind of accommodation remember that you will be completely responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy. You must also bear in mind that when you hire an apartment you will have to pay a deposit that will only be refunded if at the moment of leaving the flat, everything is in good conditions. Otherwise, the owner will keep your deposit.


You can stay at the Hall of residence “Residencia Universitaria de San Agustín”, opened in 1997. It offers you the following services:

- Single and twin rooms with bathroom.

- Conference hall.

- Library.

- Drawing studio.

- Computer lab.

- Photography lab.

- Café.

- Gym.

- Basketball and paddle courts.

- Large, open green areas

The student can share a room with a Spanish student if a prior request is made.

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The school offers you the possibility of staying with a family. We have a list of selected families. However, it will be the students themselves who will hire this service directly with the families. The school will have no contractual agreement with the families and the students.

We really think that this is the best option for those students willing to progress more quickly in their learning of Spanish. With a family you will not only be practising the language in class, but also at home, with your host family.

Remember that living with a family means adapting to their habits and timetables.

Before arriving in Spain you should know that the most usual mealtimes are from 2pm to 3pm for lunch, and 9pm to 10pm for dinner. Normally, families have lunch together, whereas dinner can be different, depending on the habits of the host family.


You must also remember that you are in a different country, with different food and maybe different ways of cooking. Therefore, we recommend you travelling to Spain with the wish to learn Spanish, but also to live and learn about our traditions, gastronomy, etc. You will have to get used to dishes different from those in your country, so be patient if you find tastes strange at first.

IMPORTANT: EDE Escuela de Español facilitates contact with the desired accommodation. We do not manage this service. The school acts as a mere informant and advisor.


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